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The Leading Community Engagement and Facilities Management Software for Residential Communities. 

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Community Engagement

The ultimate tool for engaging your residential communities. Whether it be an off-the plan development looking to secure more prospective buyers, or an existing site in need of improved Communication and Engagement, ResVu has a suite of software that can benefit you in many ways.

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Facilities Management

Integrated seamlessly with our Resident Engagement platforms, ResVu’s FMLink platform brings a new era in Building Management reporting and asset maintenance, delivering you a system that will dramatically improve turnaround times and customer satisfaction.

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Custom Concierge Offerings

ResVu provides your concierge with the opportunity to create their own shopping cart through the Resident Engagement Mobile App and Web portal, driving better customer service and revenue streams for your business.

Completely Integrated Solutions

The ResVu family of Engagement and FM products all integrate seamlessly together dependent on your needs. 

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Industry professionals around board table

Built by Industry Professionals

ResVu is built on the back of a combined total of 50+ years of industry experience. Coupled with strong customer relationships and feedback, ResVu provides proven solutions for all industry professionals. 

About Us

Modular Platform

With a range of platforms benefiting the site service provider, single strata or facilities manager, all the way through to large enterprise strata and hotel management companies, we have a platform for you. Check out our pricing packages. 

Pricing Packages
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Building Residents and Managers Group

Benefits all Stakeholders

We benefit all key stakeholders including Strata and Facilities Management, the Management Committee, Hotel Operators, Maintenance Providers, Student Accomodation and Trades & Services, all with the primary objective of giving residents an easier more convenient lifestyle management platform. 

Our Customers

Digital Noticeboards

Extend your customer service, improve communication avenues and make your sites highly engaging with ResVu’s integrated hardware solutions for any foyer, concierge desk or shared facility.

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Our Difference

Learn why we are the leading provider of Community Engagement & Facilities Management software for Residential Communities.

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Successfully used by our Communities

Used by more than 60,000 apartment and home owners


200+ Committees recognising better engagement


100+ Local businesses connecting with residents


10+ Companies seeing better competitive advantage


More than $500,000 in new revenue generated for customers


10,000 Digital Maintenance requests


1000's fewer phone calls and emails 


1,000,000 SMS notifications sent


15,000 Keys signed out


2,000,000 email notifications sent


110,000 Venue bookings


1,000 documents generated / distributed


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Mark Sorgini

Body Corporate/OC Manager

"It has been a fantastic innovation and has made a significant difference for how various stakeholders in several different Corporations engage with each other"


Peter Goers Profile Photo

Peter Goers

Resident - Glenelg

"[My call] was answered by a nice technician who referred me to the very nice manager and developer of this service, Tom Welsby, who visited me to solve my problem. Now that's service."


Scott Carter 

Security & Hardware Contractor

"With the CommunitiLink app all the residents were able to forward their active fob details to us and we were able to quickly deactivate the stolen fobs. This saved a lot of time and was able to make the building safe and secure in a very very short time frame."

Rob Nourse manager of Property Maintenance Plus Profile Photo

Rob Nourse

Facilities Manager

"Within 10 minutes of the complaints starting, we were able to send out an alert to all residents reminding them that noise levels need to be kept to a level which does not affect other residents rights to peacefully reside. The noise had reduced significantly.  "

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