Communication, Engagement & Facility Management Platforms

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Offering multiple users options to promote and extend better communication and engagement in your residential community.

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A mobile and web based facilities management platform that automates your operational response times, significantly reducing time and costs

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Allows local businesses to promote their products, services and offer rewards and loyalties to nearby residents.

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We’re only a small block of 10 apartments but CommunitiLink has helped us communicate the committee’s newsletters, policy updates and keep residents informed when minor or large things have happened immediately. The document generator they provide us is very unique and makes us feel like we’re using a product specialised just for our building.

Our building uses both CommunitiLink and FMLink to provide our communication and facility management needs. We’re so pleased with the results in both platforms especially in the way they integrate. We now have much greater control over the way residents report maintenance relates problems as well as making sure the residents are appropriately informed of urgent or periodic maintenance items. FMLink has given us the extra platform we need to store and manage all items relating to the operations of the building. The work order issuing area saves me and my staff a huge amount of time in comparison to the traditional methods.

As a Strata Manager I now use CommunitiLink and FMLink across multiple sites as it makes it so much easier to communicate and manage my residents in particular the buildings that do not have active management committees. Managing these multiple sites is made really easy as well as you can simply select which building you want to communicate with and its as easy as that.

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