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Connecting local business with residents in the hyper-local community by promoting loyalty to develop consistent purchasing habits as a result of meaningful relationships.

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Promote Resident Engagement

Local businesses can create deals which are automatically promoted to the CommunitiLink platform once approved by each site's Management Committee. The promotions can be found by residents on the community engagement app and digital noticeboards. 

Revenue Model (ROI)

If your Building elects to host the CommunitiLocal promotions platform then you will share in a percentage of the profits generated, which can either be used as an offset against your monthly licence fees or reimbursed in full depending on your entity style.


Accessible on the Resident Engagement App

Local business deals are promoted on the resident's application, allowing them to quickly claim promotions and navigate to the business location. 

Reward your Community

With deals exclusive to your residents, there will be more incentive to utilise the resident engagement mobile app, in turn further assisting with the development of a strong functioning community. The more your residents use the service, the more value you receive from the platform.


Direct & Automatic


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More Features

Reduce Costs

By allowing your residents to receive offers from local businesses, you can offset some of the cost for the CommunitiLink platform.

Exclusive Deals

Deals created by businesses are specifically for residents within their area. 

Supporting the Community

CommunitiLocal's aim is to provide value and benefits for residents, managers and businesses. 

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Complete Integration

CommunitiLocal integrates directly with CommunitiLink, out resident engagement platform. Learn more about how your can engage with your residents by clicking the button below. 

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