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Our Difference

Learn what makes the new leader in Community Engagement and Facilities Management Software for your residential sites.

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Custom Branding for your Company and Sites

You now have the ability to custom brand your entire company and portfolio of buildings. Delivering this option will give significant competitive advantage alongside better brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

The leading Facility Inspection App

Our FMLink Inspector App gives Facility Managers the ultimate site inspection tool. The live updating and final reporting functionality will auto generate your building manager's report, in turn significantly reducing time spent preparing. Decision makers love this tool!

Enterprise & Masterplanned Community Portal

Use our intelligent database structure to understand and make decisions on your user base activity within your development(s). Have a complete overview of all site activity, whilst maintaining the ability to market and distribute content to specific groups.

Proven ROI

Utilising ResVu's flexible and easy to use payment portals, you can turn your resident engagement platform into a shopping cart of concierge offerings. Add in the benefits of local business promotions, and you and your sites have the ability to be cost neutral.

CommitteeHub Portal 

Our 'CommitteeHub' platform gives Committees and Boards the functionality to pass resolutions, discuss key items and share/host confidential documents, all whilst operating outside of an email inbox, in turn promoting faster decision making and better relationships. 

Contractor Tracking & Management

Know exactly how much time it has taken to complete an issued work or quote request using our contractor tracking platform. FM's and Management teams now have visibility over start times, completion period and the entire record when reconciling invoices for works completed.

Advanced Defect & Settlement Inspection Tools

Developers & Builders now have the ultimate PSI defect tool, allowing for the transfer of any defects straight into assigned tasks for staff, contractors or external parties. All records are kept on file for future reference, reducing queries back to the developer & builder.

User Engagement Statistics

Understand exactly what percentage of your site(s) have read your message, engaged in feedback surveys, responded to events or simply last logged in. Our User Analytics give you complete understanding of your site's activity so you can make better decisions on providing the best possible service.

CommunitiLocal (Local Business Portal)

ResVu is passionate about supporting local business and in turn offering more to nearby residents. CommunitiLocal is a separate portal that allows local businesses to promote themselves to residents for the purpose of building more meaningful and consistent relationships.

Specialist Hardware

ResVu specialises in providing interactive hardware for your site's shared facilities. Whether it be a premium touch lift screen, 55" Digital Noticeboard in your main foyer or a concierge screen assisting with sign-ins and inductions, ResVu has an option to suit. 


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