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Frequently Asked Questions

Can tenants & other residents distribute content on the Mobile App and Digital Noticeboards? 

Each site will appoint key administrators who are responsible for the distribution and management of the content on the platform. Tenants & other residents who are not administrators can not distribute any content to other members unless approved by an administrator.

How does ResVu work?

ResVu offers a range of software that specialises in Community Engagement and Facilities management in residential communities. Irrespective of the size of your site(s), ResVu has a product that can assist in Communication, Facility bookings, Social Events/Clubs, Surveying and much more. Alternatively, if you are only interested in improving the operational efficiency of your facilities management team, ResVu offers platforms that can assist with Common Area & Shared Facility Inspections via a mobile app, all the way through to detailed asset lists, contractor tracking, and defect management.

Are the software platform and my data secure from malicious activity?

The ResVu platforms are built upon cutting-edge technologies and standards maintained by Google, Microsoft and other industry-leading systems. In recognition of the large amount of confidential and valuable data that is transacted across our products, robust security practices have been implemented from the ground up including the highest standard of 256-Bit SSL encryption when sending and receiving this data.

How do you make sure only authorised people sign-up to the platform?

All Buildings/Sites have the ability to approve user sign-ups for the purpose of authenticity. Further to this, ResVu requests specific information and access codes that each registering user must know before being able to gain access to the platform.

What if we don’t need all the software features?

Not a problem, ResVu can easily offer features only specific to your needs due to the modular structure of the platforms. Call our sales team on 08 7477 8991 or email enquiries@resvu.com.au and we’ll be able to work with you on your exact needs.

What if we are using another Facilities Management Software? 

This is exactly why ResVu offers a modular suite of software.. If your site is currently operating another Facilities Management platform and does not want to change, then considerations can be made to just undertake the CommunitiLink product for Resident Engagement and Social interaction purposes only. Alternatively, if you are looking to change software, ResVu has a stress free method of migrating all information from one system to another in a matter of days.

Who do we call for support if something goes wrong?

ResVu has invested heavily in a support network of people and online knowledge sources to give you the absolute best opportunity to address issues, learn about setting up your site and how to use new features. As a first point, access the online help centre located in your admin portal or our website under 'Resources'. If you still can't find your answer, phone our support line on 08 7477 8991 or email support@resvu.com.au

Is my site's data safe?

Yes, all your data is 256-Bit SSL encrypted and hosted on our secure servers in Australia. Further to this, our development team is 100% located in Australia. We don't outsource any software development or support to other countries so we can guarantee very secure data retention.

How long does it take to roll-out a customer?

ResVu works extremely close with new customers to make sure all of the necessary information is in place ready for residents to download and be part of the Community. In most cases a new site, plus the necessary information can be uploaded and ready for roll-out within 7 days.

How do I make sure AGM and other owner specific confidential files can’t be viewed by Tenants or other unauthorised people?

ResVu provides a very advanced ‘access permission’ feature that gives site administrators the ability to lock off access to any type of folder or file within the platform to any user type. For example, Committee Specific Folders or General Meeting specific documents can be locked off to specific user groups or individuals whenever needed.

Where is our building/sites private information and servers hosted?

All ResVu data is hosted in secure servers in Australia or the specific country in which the customer is located.

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