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A mobile and web-based facilities management platform that automates your operational response times, significantly improving efficiency and reducing costs.

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Site Inspections for Better Decision Making

Best-in-class common property inspections for your building allows you to inspect assets and defects on your sites. Using our mobile app, site inspections have never been easier. 

FMLink Inspector iPad App
Contractor status tracking software

Maintain up-to-date status on all contractor works

Utilising technology such as geofencing, you can automatically log contractors and the progress of your work orders. Keep on top of things all without leaving your desk. 

Deliver Precise Reporting

With all aspects of the FMLink system feeding back into the reporting system, you can asses independently or provide building decision-makers with the most important information. 

Building inspection software reporting page
Maintenance contractor work orders

Easy Communication

Accurately assign and manage staff tasks and rosters, while also issuing work orders and compliance, all from the FMLink platform. No more running around after staff or contractors, as your intentions are clearly laid out. 

Improve Service Delivery

Resolve defects and maintenance issues quickly and efficiently, creating an enjoyable, safe and well maintained community. 

Site maintenance requests from residents
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Full Integration with our Resident Engagement Platform

Connect seamlessly with our resident engagement platform, CommunitiLink. Receive approved work orders from residents to quickly resolve any problems. 

Web based facilities management software on computer
Tablet based asset inspection application
Web based facilities management software on laptop

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Complete Integration

FMLink integrates with all of the ResVu platforms including CommunitiLink and the FMLink Inspector App. Receive maintenance requests directly from residents and update management with work order progress.

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Defect Inspection

Inspect your site with our mobile platform to report and manage all facility defects. Compile all or select defects to generate reports for decision making. 

Tablet Convenience

Centrally manage all of your Facility Management operations through the FMLink's pre-configured, ready-to-go tablet. 

Facilities Audit

Provide the best possible reports to building decision-makers. Design multiple periodic digital audit lists for your FM, staff or contractors and make sure your building scope of works is carried out as expected.

Task & Project Management

FMLink provides building managers the easiest yet most sophisticated task management system that holds all staff accountable for their jobs at hand, as well as allowing the building manager to inspect, report and comment on issues relating to tasks carried out, all in real-time. 

Key & Services Registers

Readily available at your fingertips, easily record and maintain the status of all buildings assets, keys, staff and preferred contractors. 

Asset Management Register

From manufacturer specifics to maintenance contractors schedules, FMLink's asset register is the most advanced, yet easiest to use on the market. 

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