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Increase your sites engagement with physical and interactive technology

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Digital Noticeboards

Placed in high traffic areas, Digital Noticeboards can provide your residents with up-to-date information about your site, giving you the ability to proactively inform and interact with your residents. 

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Lift Screens

Lifts are the perfect position to place digital noticeboards informing your residents. 

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Concierge Sign-in Screens

Check-in guests, sign for packages, purchase custom offerings and more with our concierge screens. 

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Meeting Room Screens

Syncing directly with the CommunitiLink booking systems, meeting room screens provide a convenient way for your residents to view and make reservations. 

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More Features

Complete Integration

All hardware integrates with the CommunitiLink platform to provide your residents with a seamless experience. 

4G Connection

Internet connections are handled entirely by our platform, meaning you can focus on providing your residents with quality service.

Wholesale Pricing

We source our hardware directly from wholesalers, guaranteeing you the best possible prices.

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