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A market leading inspection & defect management platform built to significantly reduce reporting time, improve service levels and mitigate risk.

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Mobile App Technology

Using the FMLink Inspector mobile app gives you complete control of when and where you do your inspections. The mobile app also gives you offline mode, meaning no concrete wall is too thick and no basement is too far underground. 

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Customise your inspection checklist

As a service professional you cross the t's and dot the i's more than you think! FMLink Inspector allows you to create as many inspection checklist templates as you like, so now you can have one for the Daily Site Walk, Monthly Detailed Inspection and Annual Compliance Check all in one easy to use dashboard.

Defect Reporting 

From construction and pre-settlement, through to site inspections and committee meetings, the FMLink Inspector platform allows you to track defects throughout the whole lifecycle of a development.  



Seamlessly connect with the whole ResVu Facility and Committee Management Functionality

Auto-produce Building Manager's reports 

Let the FMLink Inspector technology automatically compile all of your inspections items, any related defects, comments, images and important information into a concise yet easy to understand building manager's report for any time period you like.

FMLink Inspection

Improve Processes & Efficiencies 

As a building manager, cleaning professional or general service provider, the FMLink Inspector app gives you the extension you need to provide quick yet detailed inspection reports when you're on the go.

Powerfully Detailed

Tag assets, provide detailed descriptions and benchmark images, custom answers and more when building out your inspections. 

More Features

Offline Mode

Continue your inspection even if you're in the underground carpark or lift. The FMLink Inspector application automatically syncs once you come back online. 

Mobile App Technology

The FMLink Inspector app is available for both Apple and Android devices. 

Defect Identification

Highlight any defects that arise from your inspection and provide further details, including descriptions and photographs. 

FM Link Logo + Descriptor Colour


The FMLink Inspector app integrates with the other ResVu platforms including the more feature rich, FMLink. FMLink gives you the additional ability to turn defects lodged within the Inspector App, directly into work orders or quote requests. Your site inspections have never been this easy. 

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