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Masterplan Communities

Unique & Innovative communication, engagement & maintenance platforms for your development

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Precinct Flowchart

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Development Lifecycle

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Precinct Dashboard

A complete analytics and marketing platform.

Social Platforms

Precinct clubs and events.

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Community Partners

Connect your communities key members such as Local Clubs, Arts Galleries etc and give them a level of access to the events, clubs and social platforms that the standard local businesses don’t get.


Instant alerts and notifications to all or select resident groups.

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Custom Concierge Offering with Payment Portals

Segregate what users can see as well as make facilities accessible to only some parts of the community and not others (controlled through your precinct dashboard)

Customisation of
Access Privileges

Easily segregate what users can see and make facilities accessible to select groups within the community through your precinct dashboard.

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ResVu Platforms

Explore the Platform

Check out our CommunitiLink, FMLink and CommunitiLocal products for more details about the ResVu platform. 

CommunitiLink FMLink CommunitiLocal

Whitelabel Package

Community Engagement App

Your residents are never far away with the engagement application. All of the platform's functionality and notifications are now in the palm of their hands. 

Precinct Hub

All of the unique ResVu functionality is available through one central location management portal, giving administrators the ability to distribute any type of content to their customers.  

Custom Branding

We custom brand your community and all the individual sites underneath it, not just the single building like some of our competitors.

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